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sitting on dock at Caye CaulkerEasygoing people, sandy roads for golf carts, and the rhythmic pace of the waves gently undulating onshore embody the island motto - “go slow”. Located only a 15-minute plane flight or 30-minute water taxi ride from Belize’s mainland, Caye Caulker’s swaying palms, white sandy beaches and warm waters entice travelers from around the world.

Five miles long and a half mile wide, the former fishing village of Caye Caulker was essentially redeveloped in 1961 when Hurricane Hattie expanded a previously narrow channel through the island. Now known as “the split”, the marine thruway divides the sparsely populated north side of the island from the south where most of Caye Caulker’s visitor services are located.

The island offers a range of accommodations from budget-friendly hotels to small full service resorts, along with excursions for all types of vacationers. Several expert manatee tour guides take visitors on expeditions in search of these gentle creatures.

Shark Ray AlleySunset at the Split

The split is a hot spot for vacationers, providing the perfect location for a lazy day at the beach and acting as a venue for celebrations and community events such as Caye Caulker’s Annual Lobster Festival, held at the beginning of every lobster season in June.

The Split - Caye Caulker

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