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Tourist on Placencia Side WalkSituated on a slender peninsula that curves alongside the southern coast of the country, Placencia is “Barefoot Perfect”. The only place on mainland Belize that offers white sun-kissed, unspoiled sand beaches, spectacular sea views and a laid-back atmosphere where “stress” is not allowed, Placencia is THE location in southern Belize.

On the tip of the peninsula visitors experience the charm of a traditional Creole fishing village with the bonus of numerous village eateries, bars, art galleries and gift shops that welcome visitors.

Placencia sits serenely on the tip of an 11-mile long peninsula and is reputed to be among the oldest communities in Belize. The four hundred or so Creole residents that live in Placencia will be happy to share stories of the British buccaneers that founded this little settlement in the 1600s. There are indications that hundreds of years before that Maya used the area for a fishing camp.

The 3-mile long beach curves scenically along the Placencia coastline and is regarded by many to be among the most beautiful in the country. The azure water here is cool and deep, and often frequented by dolphins that come quite close to the shore. Just a splash from the broad white beach is the Placencia Lagoon, a wonderfully placid waterway that hosts a rainbow of marine life.

Placencia's main street is striking because it’s not a street at all but a cement sidewalk that extends a mile or so through the center of town. The laid back pace of life here is ideal because it provides ample opportunity for the town folk to stop what they’re doing and spend a few minutes chatting with visitors. The people are a big part of the place’s charm; friendly and outgoing their welcoming smiles make Placencia even prettier still.

Guesthouses and lodges are plentiful along the beachfront and offer accommodations at a range of prices and service levels to suit just about any traveler to Placencia.

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