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Bus on humming bird highwayBelize is bordered on the north by Mexico and on the west and south by Guatemala with two main land border points - Santa Elena at the northern border with Mexico and Benque Viejo del Carmen on the western border with Guatemala.

There are bus routes from U.S. border cities to Belize via Cancun, Mexico City and Chetumal with connections between most Mexican cities and the border city of Chetumal. Regularly-scheduled Belizean buses travel daily between Chetumal and Belize City stopping in Corozal and Orange Walk.

Regular bus service is available between Guatemala and Belize City with stops in Belmopan and San Ignacio. Similar service exists for connections between Belize and Tikal or Flores in Guatemala.

Driving to Belize
Driving to Belize can be an adventure with much to see and do on your journey to Belize. Depending upon the route taken, the trip from the US through Mexico is between 1,350-2,000 miles. Traveling to Belize via Cancun, Mexico City and Chetumal is comfortable, relatively fast and inexpensive. All-weather highways connect Mexican cities with the border city of Chetumal.

Vehicle entry permits are granted at the border and are valid for one month but can be extended by applying to the Customs Department. To get a permit, present the following at the point of entry:

  • Travel documents and identification
  • Proof of ownership (vehicle registration)
  • Proof of insurance - available from any of the companies at the borders
  • Rental documents (for vehicles rented in Mexico or Guatemala)